Labrador has a mild, lively personality, a high IQ and is not aggressive. Labrador is widely domesticated as a guide dog and other working dogs in life. Labrador is currently the most registered breed in the American Kennel Club. Labrador has a vigorous body and a strong body, but sometimes what happens with a Labrador’s tail curled up?

Some people say that if the Labrador’s tail curls up, it is a disqualification. Of course, some people say that if the Labrador’s tail is only slightly curled, it does not matter. Sometimes you will find that when a little Labrador is chasing his tail and turning, you can also find a toy for him to help distract him, and this kind of tail curling or chasing the tail is normal.

However, sometimes you have to pay attention to it. If you find that the Labrador’s tail is always curled up, it can’t move well and can’t swing from side to side. Parents should pay attention to this situation, because the dog’s tail may have been injured, so that the Labrador’s tail can not move normally. In this case, you should send your dog to the hospital in time to receive professional diagnosis and treatment, so that the Labrador can recover to health.