SatsumaYay nail broken is also a very common thing, just like people occasionally break their nails in life. Don’t worry too much about the broken nails of Samoyed, and don’t worry too much after seeing the broken nails of Samoyed. First, carefully check the broken nails of Samoyed, and then think of ways to deal with it.

If the Samoyed nail is broken and there is no other bleeding, then the Samoyed nail may be too long and it is broken in the middle. The Samoyed has no bleeding, nor does it affect the normal activities of the Samoyed, so the owner does not need to worry. However, nail clippers should be taken out at this time, and it is necessary to trim Samoyed’s nails.

If the Samoyed’s nail is broken and bleeding, the Samoyed will feel pain when walking. Then, the Samoyed must be disinfected first to prevent wound infection. If the nails are not completely broken and the Samoyed is bleeding, it is best to go to the pet hospital and ask the doctor to trim the nails for the Samoyed, and then sterilize and bandage them.

It is worth noting that when the Samoyed’s nail is broken and injured, don’t take the Samoyed out for a walk and bend. It is more appropriate to let the Samoyed lie down. In addition, it is best to wear an Elizabethan ring for Samoyed to prevent Samoyed from licking injured toenails. Under normal circumstances, Samoyed will soon be able to recover health.