Cold temperatures will cause a large amount of heat energy in the dog’s body. Therefore, in the winter feed, a little oil, viscera, milk, and food containing more vitamin A and fat should be added. This type of feed can quickly add calories. Enhance the dog’s ability to resist cold.

What is the suitable temperature for the dog at home

In terms of puppies and puppies (dogs from birth to two months old), what is actually important is the control of “28 -30 degrees Celsius constant temperature”.

The puppy staying in the womb of its mother is a constant temperature and comfortable environment, but when it is born, it faces the temperature given by nature or man.

Therefore, it is very important to maintain the constant temperature of the puppies and puppies. The difference in the temperature difference effect often makes the dog constantly adapt to it, which easily hinders the dog’s natural growth.

When the dog grows up, although it has gradually adapted to the natural climate, the owner’s negligence will often cause a large temperature difference between indoor and outdoor, which may cause the dog to get sick.

Generally speaking, at the peak of summer craze, the indoor temperature without air conditioning is often as high as 30-32 degrees Celsius, which is miserable for humans, and the temperature is still tolerable for dogs. Therefore, it is okay to properly use air conditioning to cool down so that people and dogs can have a comfortable space.

So, what is a comfortable temperature space?

It is ideal to find a balance based on human ecology and temperature adaptation of dogs, that is, to maintain the temperature at ZT -28 degrees Celsius. (Of course, the lower the temperature, such as 25 degrees Celsius, the comfort of people will be higher, but compared to dogs, when the difference between the indoor temperature and the outdoor temperature is too large, it will have a sense of discomfort), and you need to pay attention when using artificial thermostat control It is necessary to circulate the air (you can use an electric fan to rotate indoors to make the air convection in the room), and also need to pay attention to the maintenance of humidity in the air (often staying in the air-conditioned room will cause dry skin, so in the air-conditioned room Put a basin of water in the middle corner to reduce the loss of moisture in the air), so that the dog will have a comfortable living space.

Another thing to note is that when the dog wants to go outdoors, remember to turn off the air conditioner and let the indoor temperature “reheat”, so as to avoid the excessive temperature difference between the inside and the outside, causing the dog to feel uncomfortable (common It means that the dog will sneeze when it gets outdoors), and you don’t have to rush to turn on the air conditioner when you go home. Let the dog adapt to the indoor temperature first and then adapt to the lower temperature step by step.

The most important thing is that you must make the drinking water your dog needs indispensable in summer, whether indoors or outdoors.

Newborn puppies should pay attention to heat preservation

Most of the puppies are weak during the breastfeeding period, so not only do they need double care from the owner, but also proper methods, such as keeping warm and breastfeeding.

After the puppies are born, they move from the constant temperature environment inside the mother’s body to the variable temperature environment outside the body. These spotless little guys have sparse body hair and have not yet fully developed their thermoregulatory function, so they must keep warm.