The tail of a dog is very flexible and can make many different movements, such as standing upright for a while, hanging down for a while, swaying vigorously from side to side, and tilting up high for a while. The different states of a dog’s tail have different meanings, so do you know what it means for a dog to have a tail erect?

Someone once conducted research on dogs and concluded that “dogs wagging their tails to living objects. The effect of wagging tails is equivalent to a human smile. The movements of a dog’s tail are also a kind of’language’.” Of course, different breeds The size and shape of the tails of dogs are also different, but the meaning of their tail movements should be similar.

For example, when a dog has its tail erect, it may be very happy and excited to see its owner. A brief summary of the meaning of the different movements of the dog’s tail. Generally speaking, when the dog’s tail is upright, it means that it is in a good mood; when the tail is raised high, it means that it is in a good mood; and when the dog’s tail is drooping , Or sandwich the tail between the hind legs, which means that the dog is very timid, and it may be in danger; if the dog’s tail is swayed quickly and horizontally, it means that the dog is in a peaceful mood, which symbolizes that it is currently friendly status.