Inedible foods for dogs

1 Shrimp, octopus, crabs, shiitake mushrooms and other indigestible foods may cause diarrhea or vomiting in dogs.

2. Ginger, curry powder, pepper, chili and other irritating spices are too irritating to the stomach and will cause a burden to the dog’s liver and kidneys.

3. Onions have the toxicity of dissolving red blood cells. Excessive intake can cause hematuria, anemia, jaundice and other poisoning symptoms.

4. Chicken bones and fish bones are hard and easy to puncture wounds and digestive organs. They are also not edible. Long-term consumption of beef and mutton will make dogs suffer from mites, just like human psoriasis. Dog skin diseases are difficult to cure.

5. Long-term feeding of animal liver foods to dogs will have an adverse effect on the health of pets, because the liver will have some toxins. In addition, because the liver is rich in vitamin A, and vitamin A and vitamin D compete in the body, too much vitamin A will affect the absorption of vitamin D and cause calcium deficiency.

6 Cold milk, ice cream and other dairy products should not be eaten by dogs, especially for puppies that are not fully developed. Usually a few mouthfuls of cold milk will cause puppy diarrhea, long-term this will cause habitual diarrhea, which will cause the dog to become weak and hinder the development of the puppy. Even heated milk and other dairy products can only be fed to dogs in small amounts, and their stomachs are not suitable for such foods.

7. Dogs may be poisoned after eating grapes or grapes. The symptoms are vomiting, not eating, and kidney failure in severe cases, causing uremia, and even death in a coma. The dog’s body can synthesize vitamin C automatically, so it is not necessary to give the dog every day to eat fruit, it will not lack vitamin C.

8 Don’t feed the dog sweets. Sweets such as snacks and granulated sugar are very easy to cause obesity, and they are also easy to cause insufficient calcium absorption and dental caries, which are not good for dogs.

Two misunderstandings about dog diet

Misunderstanding 1: The owner’s meals and ordinary people’s fishing meals contain a lot of oil, salt, and other condiments and even spices. These are not suitable for dogs. An adult dog only needs to eat food with a salt content of 5n. Too much oil and salt are not good for their health. Spicy food can cause discomfort in their intestines. Some owners like to feed their dogs human food, or use “ham sausage + rice” as their staple food, which can cause malnutrition in their pets and indirectly lead to some calcium-deficiency-based diseases, such as lumbar spondylosis and rickets in dogs , Fractures that should not occur, and constipation, obesity, urinary stones and dental calculus caused by narrow pelvis. Therefore, this feeding method is not advisable.

Misunderstanding 2: The dog is best fed twice a day, and try not to feed at night. If fed at night, it will cause indigestion, the abdominal cavity is prone to hypertrophy, affect the body shape and cause obesity.

Tips for raising puppies for the first time

1 Don’t make puppies excessively tired. When the puppy enters the door for the first time, tease it to play, which will make it happy and increase its sense of belonging. However, excessive play can exhaust the puppies and make them difficult to support. Therefore, when the puppies play for a while, let them rest more and regain their strength.

2. It is best to let it contact strangers less in two weeks, and don’t take it to lively places, it will frighten it.

3. When the puppy is sleeping, don’t disturb it in a hurry, let alone scare it.

4. When the puppy is eating, don’t harass it, don’t let it run and jump.

5. Don’t give snacks randomly, otherwise it will easily affect the puppies’ normal appetite, cause gastrointestinal discomfort, cause vomiting or diarrhea.

6. When grabbing a dog, first grab the dog’s neck with one hand and lift it up, and then use the other hand to support its abdomen. Don’t just grab the skin on the back of the neck like a cat. When holding the dog, you can place one hand in front of the dog’s chute, and the other hand or arm to support its hind limbs and tail, and keep it close to the body to make it feel stable. Just grab the front legs of the puppies in a hurry, because the bones and muscles of the puppies are not fully developed, and it is easy to fracture or damage.

7 Do not place the puppies in high places, even for a moment. Because most dogs have a fear of heights, a concussion or fracture may occur if they fall accidentally.

8. Don’t frighten the puppy with sudden noises, it will make it timid, and it will also make it lose confidence in the new environment.

9 Don’t deceive the puppies, don’t think it’s okay to play tricks on them, this is a taboo for keeping puppies. Because of this, the dog can’t distinguish right from wrong, and there is no sense of trust in the owner in the future. When training dogs, the tone must be affirmative, and the praise and criticism must be clear.