How to deal with dog picky eaters

In order to avoid picky eaters in dogs, train them to develop stable eating habits. 4 times a day 3 months before, 3″ 8 months is 3 times a day, 8 months or more can be changed to twice a day. If you don’t want your dog to be interested in food, let it be used since childhood Take feed as the main meal. When eating, let the dog develop the habit of concentrating on the meal. If it is not used up within 30 minutes, put the feed away and provide it at the next meal. Don’t let the dog develop the bad habit of eating as long as it wants. .

How to feed pet snacks?

1 Do not feed food with excessive coloring or additives.

2. Don’t let the dog develop the habit of snacking every day.

3. The best time to give snacks is after they have done something you are very happy about.

4. When the dog’s body starts to look a little bit out of shape, pay attention to whether the snacks should be reduced.

5. When the dog is not eating, do not substitute snacks for meals.

Older dogs should not always change food

Due to differences in pet types and size, the age of pets is also different. Generally speaking, small dogs begin to age when they are eight or nine years old, while large dogs can be regarded as older dogs at the age of seven. The age of the dog also accounts for almost 40 of its life.

With the increase of age, the resistance of older dogs will decrease significantly, which will increase the chance of getting sick. Perhaps the change is not obvious from the outside, but it has already begun to change in its body. The most important change is the decline in metabolic capacity and the failure of heart and kidney functions, which leads to a decline in exercise capacity. Compared with young and adult dogs, their exercise volume will be significantly reduced. Therefore, the owner must carefully observe and be good at discovering changes in their behavior, and check their blood and urine regularly every year.

The most common diseases in older dogs are dental and endocrine system diseases. Old male dogs must pay attention to the examination of prostate, kidney, heart and other organs, while female dogs should pay attention to the examination of breast, kidney, pancreas and other organs. Due to the decline in metabolism in older dogs, dog food with low protein content should be selected in terms of diet, and pet food should not be changed frequently.