Some parents say that dogs can dream, sometimes they make a humming sound when they sleep, and sometimes their body twitches a few times. However, when pet dogs show these conditions, does it mean that they are dreaming? In fact, do dogs dream?

Scientists once studied that, in fact, most reptiles do not dream; and birds can dream, but most species only have short-term dreams; for various mammals, such as dogs, cats, horses, elephants, Rats, hedgehogs, squirrels, etc., these are all dreaming. And some mammals dream more often. From this conclusion, we know that mammals like dogs actually dream.

Pet dogs can’t speak, so even if they dream of something, they can’t express it clearly. But dogs also have various behaviors when dreaming. For example, they make a humming sound, they may twitch their limbs, sometimes they drool, sometimes their breathing becomes rapid, etc. When pet dogs show these When it comes to symptoms, it may be that it is dreaming.