As the pace of urban life accelerates, many urban white-collar workers leave early and return late, which will cause people to become more and more lonely. With this increase in loneliness, many office workers want to feed their pet dogs. It is very difficult to relieve the loneliness in the city, but office workers are basically faced with the serious problem of lack of time. They often feel that they do not have much time to accompany their pets. So how should we take good care of our pets? I will bring you a detailed summary of the knowledge of raising dogs for office workers!

1. What should office workers pay attention to when raising dogs?

1. First of all, let’s talk about buying dogs. It’s best for office workers to buy dogs from professional kennels or regular personal breeders, because this can ensure the health of the dogs, and it’s best not to buy them from street-side dog dealers. Dogs, because the dog dealer’s puppies may have grown in a complicated environment and cannot guarantee the dog’s health. As for what type of dog to choose, it depends on each person’s preference. For a dog, it is best to buy a dog that is more than 3 months old. After the vaccine, you can walk directly. This will not be too difficult to take care of, and a lot of unnecessary troubles can also be avoided.

2. The dog has just arrived in a new environment, and the dog may bark because of restlessness, especially when the lights are turned off at night. You should prepare a warm and comfortable nest or cushion for it, and use soft old clothes. Place the nest on it and place it in a place where it can see you at any time (such as the bedside, the root of the bedroom wall), which can reduce its fear. If it still howls, don’t just turn on the light to comfort you. It will be quiet after a few days.

3. From the consideration of hygiene and nutrition, it is recommended to feed pets with full price food. At the same time, in order to strengthen nutrition, you can properly feed some pet-specific nutrition products, supplement some calcium, vitamins, trace elements and vitamins, promote growth and prevent pica.

4.Usually pay attention to the good habit of training dogs to urinate and defecate at a fixed point. After the habit is formed, it is easy to clean and disinfect, and reduce the odor and bacterial reproduction.

5. The biggest problem encountered by office workers when raising dogs is feeding. Prepare dog breakfast before going to work. Let it follow your footsteps and eat a full meal. Don’t forget to prepare enough food, water and toys before you go to work, and caress your pet’s head when saying goodbye to your pet.

6. Normally, you need to pay more attention to the dog’s mental state. A dog in a normal state is very happy in front of the owner; if an abnormal state occurs, do not give the dog any medicine, and go to a regular pet hospital for examination.

2. Try to insist on taking a pet for half an hour or an hour every day. After dinner, take your favorite pet to walk outside, take a walk, and relieve the pressure after a long day of work. You will be very comfortable and comfortable as a whole.

Finally, I hope that all the mothers and dads of dogs and their pet babies can live happily~